All that every professional needs to know about Cyber Law.

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: DR.PAVAN DUGGAL


Why this course?


In this course, the students will get to appreciate the growing dependence on electronic data and the internet and the need for professionals to be knowing about cyber legal frameworks in today’s context. In any and every professional working in whatever profession, needs to know about cyber legal ramifications of their activities in the electronic ecosystem as also in cyberspace, otherwise, they could potentially be exposed to a lot of undesirable legal consequences, both civil and criminal. Further, the societal and reputational aspects of such ignorance of cyber legal requirements could massively and prejudicially impact a professional’s reputation and business prospects, both in the present and also in the future. Hence, in this course, professionals will be sensitized on what all they need to know about Cyberlaw jurisprudence. How Cyberlaw is impacting their day-to-day professional activities and what all they need to be careful of while doing activities in the electronic format. After doing the course, the professionals will be far more empowered as they will be sensitized about the various cyber legal ramifications of their activities in cyberspace and the electronic ecosystem. After doing the course, the professionals will be in a far more better position to navigate the various legal challenges that they face pertaining to their activities in cyberspace. This course is an absolute must for all professionals of any profession who are dealing with electronic data and also use computers, computer systems, computer networks, computer resources, communication devices, the internet and also data and information in the electronic form.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Professionals on social media and legal ramifications
  • Knowing Cyberlaw as professionals
  • Defining Cyberlaw for professionals
  • Illustrations of how Cyberlaw impacts professionals
  • Cyberlaw early developments and UN Model Laws
  • Legality of electronic format and electronic authentication
  • E-commerce and e-governance legally enabled
  • Retention of electronic records by professionals
  • Regulating cybercrime
  • Regulating data intermediaries and service providers
  • Civil and criminal liability for cyber acts by professionals
  • Professionals and corporate devices and laptops
  • Data held by professionals and connected duties
  • Ownership and handling of corporate data
  • Personal data of professionals on official devices and legalities
  • Deletion of corporate data by professionals
  • Misuse of confidential data / trade secrets
  • Electronic incriminating evidence and anonymity
  • Avoid publication of incriminating online content
  • Duty of confidentiality of data
  • Reporting cyber frauds and cybercrimes by professionals
  • Avoiding falsification of electronic records by professionals
  • Respecting intellectual property rights in electronic data
  • Protecting professional data
  • Duty of compliance with evolving cyber laws
  • Cyber security laws and applicability for professionals
  • Artificial Intelligence and professionals
  • Internet of Things and professionals
  • Complying with cyber legal practices
  • Due diligence by professionals
  • Digital future for professionals
  • Related Courses
  • Conclusion

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