Your Guide To Responding To Important Cyber Legal Issues

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: DR. PAVAN DUGGAL


Why this course?


In this course, students would get to appreciate various nuances pertaining to different cyber legal challenges that they face doing their activities in cyberspace and the digital ecosystem. The students would further get to appreciate legal nuances connected therewith such challenges and what are the most appropriate and efficient response mechanisms that need to be adopted while dealing with such cyber legal challenges. This course will increasingly inform students of how to be more empowered while responding in appropriate and legal manner to various cyber legal challenges. This course will enable the students to have lifelong learnings and that they need to keep in mind various cyber legal challenges while doing activities on the internet and also in cyberspace.

Course Curriculum

  • How to deal with Cyber Bullying And Identity Theft?
  • How to respond to Fictitious Page Of Yourself On Social Media?
  • Your Response To Defamatory Tweets
  • How to Deal With Cyber Defamation?
  • How to meet with Revenge Porn Challenges?
  • Revenge Porn And Cyber Legal Nuances
  • Understanding Legal Challenges Concerning Non Consensual Pornography
  • Can You Get Your Personal Data Removed From The Web?
  • Do you have a Right To Be Forgotten?
  • Does Sexting Pose Any Problems?
  • What are the Legal Issues Concerning Sexting?
  • Ramifications of Your Acts On Social Media
  • Do you have any Duty concerning Data held by You?
  • Legal Aspects concerning Corporate Communication Devices
  • How to deal with Misuse Of Confidential Data / Trade Secrets?
  • Should you be Complying With Cyber Legal Practices?
  • Legal ramifications of deleting Corporate Data

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