A course on learning and understanding cybercrimes on social media and connected legal nuances concerned therewith.

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: DR. PAVAN DUGGAL


Why this course?


In this course, the students will get to have an understanding of the increasing advent and emergence of cybercrimes on social media. The students will further get to know about the distinct new emerging kinds of cybercrimes that have increasingly arrived on the social media landscape and how the said cybercrimes are appropriately regulated by Cyberlaw frameworks in different parts of the world.
The students will also get to know more about why there is a need for distinct new strategies to be adopted while dealing with cybercrimes on social media and the need for far more capacity building. I hope you enjoyed doing the present course and prepared yourself for the further exciting digital journey ahead.Social media is an integral part of our day-to-day lives and there is no running away from the same. However, with increasing cybercrimes emerging on social media, it is imperative that you as a user on social media must be sensitized about these emerging cybercrimes on social media so that you can be better prepared to deal with the same.Further doing the said course will help to be more sensitized about how different cyber legal frameworks are seeking to address the newly emerging cybercrimes on social media and why there is an increasing need for adoption of new proactive approaches to deal with newly emerging kinds of cybercrimes on social media.

Course Curriculum

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Kinds of Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying by Social Exclusion and spreading rumors
  • Legal Regulations of Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Legal Regulation of Cyber Stalking
  • Cyber Defamation
  • Legalities Regarding Cyber Defamation
  • Cyber Nuisance
  • Identity Theft
  • Legal Regulation of Identity Theft
  • Online Pornography & Child Pornography
  • Violation of Online Privacy
  • Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Extortion & Ransomware
  • Cyber Hate on Social Media
  • Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Radicalization on Social Media
  • Deep Fakes
  • Trolling on Social Media
  • New Kinds of Cybercrime on Social Media Emerging
  • Regulating Cybercrime through Cyberlaw
  • Need for Reporting Cybercrime on Social Media
  • Budapest Convention on Cybercrime
  • E-Evidence in Social Media Cybercrime
  • Social Media Providers & Their Obligations to Provide Data
  • MLATs & Social Media Cybercrime
  • Internet Jurisdiction Challenge
  • Need for Increasing Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Precaution to Prevent Being Victim of Social Media Cybercrime
  • Cybercrime Statistics
  • Related Courses
  • Conclusion

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