A course to discover the law and legalities concerning Blockchain

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: DR. PAVAN DUGGAL


Why this course?


This course gives you an introduction of the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting the Blockchain. It takes you through a journey to discover the various complex legal issues that Blockchain is beginning to throw up, including protection of privacy, smart contracts and liability of Blockchain service providers and how different legal approaches are evolving to deal with these legalities and related nuances raised by Blockchain.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course on Blockchain and Law
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Blockchain
  • Characteristics of Blockchain Ledgers
  • Blockchain - Statistics
  • Additional Blockchain Figures
  • Government, Blockchain Pilot Programme
  • Is Blockchain Legal?
  • Blockchain and cybersecurity
  • Challenges of cybersecurity for blockchain
  • Additional cybersecurity risks to blockchain
  • Existing Cyberlaws and Blockchain
  • Malta's Blockchain laws
  • Malta's innovative technology
  • Malta's Financial Assets Act
  • Belarus law on crypto-currency
  • Belarus legal recognition of smart contract
  • Need for new Legal framework on Blockchain
  • Legality of Blockchain, Ledger and Entry
  • Nevada Law defining blockchain
  • Blockchain Legislation in United States
  • Delaware Law on Blockchain
  • Blockchain and Privacy
  • Liability of Blockchain Service Providers
  • Banking - Blockchain and Privacy
  • Smart Contracts - An Introduction
  • Smart Contract, Blockchain and Legalities
  • Trustless trust in blockchain contracts
  • Legality of blockchain contracts
  • Consent and frustation of blockchain contract
  • Projected statistics about blockchain
  • Future projections about blockchain
  • Trends emerging in blockchain cases around the world
  • Related Courses
  • Conclusion

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